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At A1 Notary Services, we offer a wide range of notary services to meet all your needs. Whether you need to notarize a will, power of attorney, deed, or any other important document, we can help.

We help people with Notarial Services

We offer both in-person and mobile notary services for your convenience. Our mobile notary service is perfect for those who require notarization services outside of regular business hours or who are unable to come to our office. We will come to your location at a time that is convenient for you, saving you time and hassle.

Apostille for document legalization

We provide reliable and efficient apostille services for document legalization. Our experienced team ensures that your documents are properly authenticated and legalized, making them valid for international use.

Mobile Notary

Our mobile notary services provide convenience and flexibility for clients who are unable to come to our office. We will come to your location at a time that is convenient for you, saving you time and hassle.

Fingerprinting (for background checks)

We offer fingerprinting services for background checks, including LiveScan fingerprinting. Our professionals ensure that your fingerprints are properly taken and submitted for accurate and reliable background check results.

Services Coming Summer 2023

Electronic and Remote Notarizations

We offer electronic and remote notarization services for clients who require notarization services from the comfort of their own home or office. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to provide secure and efficient notarization services online.

LiveScan fingerprinting background checks

Our LiveScan fingerprinting services provide accurate and reliable background check results for a variety of purposes, including employment and licensing requirements.

Loan Signing Agent & Mortgage

Our loan signing agent and mortgage services ensure that your loan documents are properly notarized and signed. Our experienced professionals have the expertise and knowledge to make the process as simple and convenient as possible for you.



 General Notary Fees (set by Virginia)

  • A first signature is $5.00
  • Each additional signature is $5.00

Travel Notary Fees

  • Between 01-20 miles $30.00
  • Between 21-40 miles, $50.00
  • Between 41-60 miles, $75.00
  • Between 61-80 miles, $100.00

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How It Works

Here are the 3 steps involved in our notary service

Verification of Identity

We verify the identity of the signer through government-issued identification such as a driver's license or passport.

Document Signing

We witness the signing of the document by the signer and confirms that the signer is signing the document voluntarily and without coercion.


We apply our official seal or stamp to the document, indicating that we have verified the signer's identity and witnessed the signing of the document.


A notary can perform various official acts known as “notarial acts.” The Code of Virginia specifies five (5) basic notarial acts:

  1. Taking acknowledgments
  2. Administering oaths and affirmations
  3. Certifying affidavits or depositions
  4. Certifying “true copies” of documents
  5. Verification of fact
  • Virginia notaries may perform their duties outside of the Commonwealth if the document is for use in the Commonwealth.
  • In necessary cases, a child’s signature may be notarized. The required proof of the identity of a child is the same as an adult.
  • Virginia notaries may notarize powers of attorney and wills.
  • Virginia notaries are not authorized to certify true copies of birth, death, or marriage certificates. Only the Division of Vital Records/Statistics may perform such a certification.
  • Virginia notaries are not authorized to certify true copies of court-issued documents.
  • Virginia notaries are not authorized to perform marriage ceremonies.
  • A Virginia notary is not authorized to notarize their signature.
  • A notary directly accesses public or vital records to confirm or validate a signer’s identity credentials or to confirm facts about an individual’s identity or authorization. A notary may also access public records to verify facts about corporate status, date of birth, or date of marriage.
  • It is the notary’s responsibility to be familiar with and understand everything contained in “The Handbook for Virginia Notaries Public” throughout their term as a notary.
  • Yes, a notary may REFUSE to notarize a document for any reason.